Conceptual Design Approach
  1. The building concept is to express the dynamic nature of Las Vegas and create an iconic abstract representation of music and dance, with the goal to re-establish Las Vegas as a world class performing arts center.

  2. Located in the heart of the Union Park Master Plan, this project is designed to be a central performing element that will compliment the future Las Vegas skyline. The abstract design seeks to capture the sound and motion of wind and music.

  3. Composed of two stories of retail and restaurants, an upper level plaza, and a main glass lobby that transcends into the Symphony Park are integrated elements that offer place for active pedestrian lifestyle and locals gathering

Sustainable Design Approach
  1. “Swirling lines of music notes” & south facing corporate office building shade roof and upper level plaza and reduce heating loads on the complex

  2. Main glass lobby faces north in order to take advantage of a year round abundance of daylight and serve as an exciting glowing glass jewel case at night

  3. Integration of vertical fins and mesh design on east and west facades effectively shade retail and rehearsal area

  4. Retractable roof has dual evening function: to allow for natural ventilation and serve as an “under the stars” pre-show attraction