Conceptual Design Approach
  1. The design approach is to increase public visitation and promote a better environment for community gathering, studying, and reading activities.

  2. The lantern design concept integrates and illuminates the library into the surrounding environment while offering visitors views into the nature.

  3. The library is designed to be a transparent medium between the public park and processional walkway that overlooks the Las Vegas valley.

Sustainable Design Approach
  1. The shaded and reflective low-e glass facades are oriented north-south and are used to minimize heat gain and reflect the surrounding environment.

  2. Rooftop skylights and light shelves also have a northsouth orientation in order to bring natural light deep into the library.

  3. Other sustainable strategies include careful selection of recyclable materials, heating and cooling systems, daylighting, and motion sensors in order to achieve high energy efficiency and longevity.