Design Narrative

The parking garage is designed to contextually tie with the existing urban fabric and adjacent buildings. The design draws inspiration from Las Vegas billboard culture and new Las Vegas City Hall. As an urban infill project, the parking garage is a mixed use project that has two uses: ground level retail and vehicular parking.

Capitalizing on its location, the parking garage will not only provide parking for City Hall employees and visitors, but also serve as a main public parking garage for retail, and business visitors in the area. The garage is designed to enhance and invite pedestrian activity along the street edges by providing retail space with outdoor seating at the ground level. Also, vehicular traffic configuration, signage, and audio and video technologies are taken into account in order to provide a safe pedestrian environment.

The main design feature is a glass facade to announce arrival at the city hall complex. The parking garage's main facade is designed to serve two functions:

1. On a daily basis, using perforated self-adhering film, the main facade serves as a glass billboard that promotes city events.

2. For special events, when Clark Avenue closes for the City festivities, the main facade can be a projecting surface and promotional back drop.

The parking garage is designed to achieve "Zero" energy consumption by utilizing solar panels, LED lights, dimmable balasts and daylight sensors. In order to complement the new City Hall, a similar regional sustainable material palette is selected such as concrete, cmu, glass and metal.