Conceptual Design Approach
  1. The design approach is to create a sustainable building that celebrates the fire fighting profession, and CSN’s activities and education.

  2. The building design is inspired by the movement of fire truck ladders and quick response.

  3. Two ladder-like sloped forms, long randomly placed slit windows and stone slabs represent the movement of ladders and emergent energy.

  4. The inclined solid mass forms a lobby space that celebrates fire fighters’ history and offers a direct view into apparatus bay.

  5. The inclined translucent apparatus bay glows at night with 24 hour display of fire trucks and firemen.

Sustainable Design Approach
  1. 4-bay roof faces the street and displays solar panels.

  2. The main lobby faces north and ties into CSN campus via pedestrian pathway.

  3. The corner memorial park is designed to accomodate flexible functions and outdoor sculptural display.

  4. Fire fighters’ parking and sleeping quarters are located against the Opportunity Village property to provide the most quiet and secured area possible.

  5. Sustainable strategies such as direct/ indirect lighting, effective shading and careful selection of materials are used to achieve high energy efficiency, recyclable content and durability.