1. The design challenge is to create a high-density urban development that will offer a live-work environment and attract many different age groups.

  2. The project has two phases and 3 towers where each tower is designed for a targeted age group (young, middle age, and retired professionals).

  3. The project is designed to compliment surrounding urban projects and development of “Koval Corridor”


  1. In order to address future urban fabric and encourage pedestrian activity, the project is designed to have a pedestrian frontage that includes retail, restaurants, grocery story, pharmacy, and a public plaza.

  2. Horton Drive serves as an interactive promende to connect the “W”-hotel development with DR Horton development.

  3. Major Restaurants and retail stores are situated along the more dynamic streets, Horton and W, whereas the grocery store, pharmacy, and smaller retailers such as dry cleaners face Koval Lane.