Design Concept and Challenges
  1. The concept is to design a small locals hotel and casino that will blend with the desert tones of the Las Vegas Valley.
  2. Located on the south side of the Las Vegas Strip, the hotel is designed to take advantage of great accessibility from the interstate-215 beltway.
  3. The hotel tower has a north-south orientation in order to optimize Strip views and limit interference with McCarran Airport flight paths.
  4. Airport restrictions required careful site planning where the hotel tower was pushed to the southern most side of the property with a 100 feet height restriction.
  1. Low-rise development of retail and restaurants are incorporated to increase and attract pedestrian activity along Las Vegas boulevard.
  2. Due to high noise levels generated from the airport and the resulting liability issues, there are no outdoor amenities permitted on site.
  3. An indoor pool and spa is located above the retail level which offers a unique placement along Las Vegas Boulevard. This space also integrates with a corner upper level night club.