Design Concept and Challenges
  1. The 61 story curved tower is oriented to capture views of the Las Vegas Downtown and Strip. It serves as a midpoint gateway to the west side of the Las Vegas redevelopment area.
  2. Located on a former Pacific Railroad site that is polluted and isolated from the urban fabric, the design challenge is to integrate this high-density hotel and convention center with the existing and future development of Las Vegas’ master plan while restoring the brownfield.
  3. Since vehicular and pedestrian accessibility of the project is limited to Grand Central Pkwy, retail, restaurants, and other amenities front the street to form an exciting visitor experience and corner presence.
  1. Due to the project’s close proximity to an elementary school, the development was limited to convention and hotel amenities only that exclude entertainment and casino functions.
  2. The hotel is designed to take advantage of highway accessibility and compliment the high-density needs of the World Market Center and Las Vegas Outlet Mall.