Design Narrative

The fitness center’s design concept, “body in motion,” forms a dynamic synthesis between the natural environment and the human body. The 7,800SF facility is designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle, encourage fitness participation and promote sustainability.

The building visually stimulates and connects the indoor with the outdoor environment, maximizing views of the main campus walkways, adjacent soccer field and a future math and science building. Cardio equipment is placed along the glazed perimeter to enhance the high energy and approachable feeling of the space, while weights and other heavier equipment are located away from the windows. Since the center is located on a high circulation corner on campus, the glass walls serve as a visual connection to passing students to spark interest and inspire participation. The outdoor spaces around the fitness center are programmed to encourage outdoor fitness activities.

The design concept of “body in motion” takes inspiration from the dynamic movements of the human body and is expressed through a breathable building envelope. The building orientation and window locations are strategically placed to take advantage of prevailing winds and optimize airflow and natural ventilation inside the building. The building utilizes a sophisticated indoor/outdoor monitoring system to analyze both outdoor and indoor temperatures, airflow, wind conditions and humidity to properly control the operable windows.

The building is targeting LEED Gold certification incorporating sustainable design strategies, such as solar shading, natural daylighting, solar energy and recyclable building materials.