1. The VA administration building is designed to complement the VA master plan and contemporary architecture of the existing VA hospital.

  2. Curtain wall glazing and white color trespa are selected in order to create color distinction from the rest of the medical campus for wayfinding purposes.

  3. The 30’ column grid layout and moment frame construction was selected in order to allow for fully flexible open space planning and future conversion into clinical space.

  4. Enclosed offices are strategically placed around the building core and in east and west direction in order to maximize natural daylinting inside the open office areas.

  1. Project is seeking LEED Silver Rating under V3.0.

  2. Sustainable design is achieved by maximizing daylighting, minimizing heat gain and heat island effect, increasing water efficiency, improving indoor air quality, providing renewable energy systems (PV panels), and selecting regional materials.

  3. Curtain wall facades are oriented in north-south direction and utilize low-e glass as well as horizontal and louvered sunshading systems.