Design Narrative
  1. The primary objective is to deinstitutionalize a typically controlled, cold environment. The design approach facilitates a positive healing environment that aids mental health recovery and encourages creativity and interaction.

  2. The linear design and integration of interior courtyards of the hospital mold around the site and create a campus-like environment.

  3. Each department has a unique interior character and is designed to have views into the courtyard in order to break up long corridors and walkways throughout the building.

  1. The project is designed to meet LEED Silver Rating under V3.0.

  2. Project features exterior louvers, skylights, photovoltaic panels, and playful pattern of honed and split-face CMU bearing wall construction.

  3. The sustainable design also maximizes day-lighting, provides xeriscaping with drip irrigation, and minimizes heat gain and heat island effect.