Design Narrative
The learning center is an interior renovation project that converts an existing computer lab, media storage, and open office cubicle space into a 21st century learning environment.

The design supports an active learning environment where a synergy of education, technology, and a healthy interior environment result in advanced learning.

The design optimizes existing building conditions in order to maximize opportunities for natural daylighting and flexible learning. The current sub-spaces are unified into a single space in order to reduce a monotonous and institutional atmosphere. In addition, concealed elements such as building windows, clearstory windows, glulam beams and wood trusses are uncovered and reintroduced into the space. As a result, the learning center offers a larger flexible space that is filled with natural daylighting and visual interest.

Additional design elements, such as sliding glass door partitions, flexible furniture and extensive writeable and interactive surfaces are introduced for variable student arrangements and diverse teaching settings.

For example, the sliding glass door partition and glass storage have a frosted layer of glass, providing a writeable glass surface and reduce the visual disruption between spaces. The glass storage is also a showcase space where Chrome-book tablets are part of the educational landscape and available for student use. Educational technology is used as an aid to heighten learning, data collection and student monitoring, and is also used to prepare students for the ever-changing role of technology. Another example of diverse teaching settings is a colorful curvy element composed of movable casework units that can be rearranged for space subdivision and varying visual interest. In addition, the units can be used for seating or storing teaching supplies.

The renovation also focuses on providing a healthy interior environment. The old HVAC systems will be replaced and new finishes and fixtures have been selected on the basis of high recyclable content, renewable materials and low-emissive adhesives and paints.