Design Approach
  1. As a part of the Las Vegas redevelopment area, the design approach is to serve as an exemplary urban and sustainable infill development with strong community presence.

  2. The project’s design challenge was to create an image that portrays confidence, trust, and equal opportunity for people who cannot afford to obtain legal representation.

  3. Surrounded by a jaded one story redevelopment neighborhood, the building is designed to offer an elegant and contrasting appearance utilizing glass, stone, concrete, trespa panels, and mesh materials.

  4. Located in a 100 year flood zone, the first building floor is raised several feet above the street level creating challenge for access and pedestrian frendly environment. Honed textured block, plants, trees, stairs and a ramp are used in a creative way to break down the scale of the building and enhance pedestrian environment.


  1. Project is designed to achieve LEED Silver Rating under V2.2

  2. Covered parking garage, exterior louvers, effective shading, daylight & motion sensors as well as material selection are only some of the strategies used in order to mitigate direct heat gain, reduce heat island effect, and specify local recyclable and long lasting materials and systems.